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sw-Lauranne - Friday, August 27, 2004

<EmpireMil> Lauranne has connected.
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Observation Deck -I2SD Conqueror-

The sprawling deck is littered with several 'privacy' areas and recessed booths equipped with seating arranged to focus a person's attention on the yawning view ports opening onto the star-spattered depths of space. Extending outward from the top of the Command Tower, the observation deck provides one of the most spectacular views of the ship. Whether the vessel is in hyperspace or realspace, the mammoth hull of the ship, mottled by the numerous weapons embankments that it supports, stretches out before a viewer. A raised dais in the center of the room supports a low pedastal with a quadrasteel plaque resting on it. The plaque reads:

Kuat Drive Yards
Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

<TL> leads to Turbolift -I2SD Conqueror-.

<Public> Jack has connected.
<Public> Mistress of Hug & Typo Kartijan snuggles Jack! :)
You will no longer hear messages on channel <Public>.
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<Imperial> Naota says, "hey guys.."
<Imperial> Lieutenant Lauranne says, "hello"

Sta Name       Sex Branch   Rank   Idle
IC Lauranne   (F) Military   Navy   1s
IC Tarri         (M) Military   Navy   13m 58s
IC Cantrell     (M) Military   IGF   23m 5s
IC Morrison   (M) Civilian   CSA   5m 23s

<Imperial> Naota is looking for the one in charge? :)

Sta Name       Sex Branch   Rank   Idle
IC Lauranne   (F) Navy   Lieutenant   2s
IC Tarri         (M) Navy   Ensign   15m 19s

<Imperial> Lieutenant Lauranne says, "of the two of us navy folk, that would be me. Koro is unable to be here due to RL"
<Imperial> Lieutenant Lauranne says, "thing is..I'm not a fighter character.. I just happen to have had my char longer than Tarri."
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Sorry, was downstairs for a sec."
<Imperial> Naota says, "well, i guess Stone didn't make it either.. anyway, around now a rather sizeable NR Task Force just unjumped over Coruscant and is about to engage your fleet over there."

You pass the sliding doors and enter the turbolift.
Turbolift -I2SD Conqueror-
Decorated eloquently with the usual ferocrete and plasteel of all turbolifts everywhere, this chamber is illuminated softly from behind a crating on the ceiling, where an uneven light floods the area in sapphire hues. The doors leading in part to the sides with a loud hiss, every time a passenger enters the area... their metalic texture as bare as the floor itself, on which a thin layer of carpet is spread from edge to edge, muffling most steps but not doing enough enliven the decor. A panel on the wall indicates all destinations accessible via this transport tube, easily readable against the even fabric of the wall covering. Pressing a button (type 'level #') will get you to your destination.

The turbolift stops at the following levels:
(*) Level D6 -- Observation Deck
( ) Level D5 -- Bridge
( ) Level D4 -- Crew Deck
( ) Level D3 -- Security Deck
( ) Level D2 -- Engineering Deck
( ) Level D1 -- Hangar Bay
Lauranne presses a button on the turbolift panel.
The doors close with a hiss as the turbolift begins to move.
Shortly, it arrives at a new level, and the doors open.

You leave the turbolift through its open doors.
Command Deck Atrium -I2SD Conqueror-

The command deck is the heart of the Star Destroyer during battle. It is on this level that all of the data is gathered and presented to the commanding officer. Additionally, the orders given by the commanding officer are disseminated and dispersed to the gunnery crews and junior officers on this level. This room is the atrium, from here one can proceed onto the Bridge, a place where one should go only if one is supposed to be there, or to the conference room, where mission briefings are held. This room also serves as a meeting place, where the officer of the watch can converse with non bridge personnel with out going far from his station.
The level has a quiet, lofty quality to it; it truly is the seat of command and power on this mighty vessel of war.

-=-=-=-=-=-=<<Real Objects>>=-=-=-=-=-=-
=> SQUAD: Stormtroopers - 1988
obvious exits:
Blastdoors <A>ft leads to Conference Chamber -I2SD Conqueror-.
Secured Blastdoors <F>oreward leads to Bridge -I2SD Conqueror-.
<TL> leads to Turbolift -I2SD Conqueror-.

You enter the Bridge.
Bridge -I2SD Conqueror-

The central command complex of the Imperial-II Star Destroyer stretches out in all directions. The gull grey deck plates blend perfectly with the light grey panelling and seem to focus ones attention on the glittering display screens of the numerous command stations littered across the bridge.
Two sunken crew pits house the main operational control systems for the mammoth vessel which are constantly monitored by the department heads and their subordinates. The aft stations are recessed into alcoves where the officers can meet to converse without interupting the standard bridge routine. From the staggering array of view ports located to the fore, a wide command walkway divides the two crew pits and allows the officers unobstructed views of the crew at their stations. An unobtrusive, swiveling, black command chair rests on a slightly raised dais a few meters behind the aft termination point of the command walkway.

-=-=-=-=-=-=<<Virtual Objects>>=-=-=-=-=-=-
=> Holoterm Unit
-=-=-=-=-=-=<<Real Objects>>=-=-=-=-=-=-
=> Navy DB Zone
=> NavComp
obvious exits:
Blastdoors <A>ft leads to Command Deck Atrium -I2SD Conqueror-.

/                                                                                                                \
| Trans          Part. Name       X      Y      Z     Range     Status    Docked? |
| CS-9653    Conqueror    608    478    608       0.0       Normal     No  |
| CS-772      Malignant    500    500    500     154.3       Normal     No  |
| P-9645       Coruscant   -135    -70   -194    1222.9       Normal     No  |
| CS-9685     NRSD Crusa    200      0       0     874.4       Normal     No  |

<Imperial> Morrison is up for NPCing
<Imperial> Morrison says, "if you guys need it of course."
<Imperial> Tarri is a pilot, but only has the code to use the basic interceptors.
<Imperial> Lieutenant Lauranne would love the help Morrison ;) this is more your thing than mine..and in this I would also only be an NPC since ICly my char is on Athaniss right now.
<Imperial> Morrison says, "OK"
Morrison has arrived.
<OOC> Morrison waves
Name set.
<OOC> Morrison is going to use his alt for the piloting.
<OOC> Morrison says, "where do you need me?"
<Imperial> Naota says, "i can run the Imp side of the battle as well and have someone else from the NR side in charge of the invasion"
<Imperial> Morrison can RP for the Imps if Lauranne doesn't want to do it
<OOC> NPC_Lauranne waves back and thanks you. I wouldn't know...I don't do space battles, the only two times I was involved.. it wasn't good.
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Pose for them that is"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "We doing actual coded combat or just poses?"
<OOC> NPC_Lauranne says, "more a matter of I don't know what to do.."
<Imperial> Naota says, "just poses"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "OK"
<OOC> Morrison says, "You just go with the flow of it. Try to keep up with the battle and pose like you remember the fights in RTOJ"
<OOC> Morrison says, "You can be open with it and even be destroyed if you wish."
<OOC> NPC_Lauranne says, "in what? ;) Sorry I'm not as up with SW stuff as most people tend to be."
<OOC> NPC_Lauranne says, "I don't even know how to get into the ships.. I NPC stormies on occasion, the rest of the time I cook and deal with swoops."
<OOC> Morrison says, "Oh...thats ok"
<OOC> NPC_Lauranne says, "and to boot my cooking is all off-stage ;)"
<OOC> Morrison says, "hehe"
<OOC> Morrison says, "OK, basically we'll let you try it out."
<Imperial> Tarri says, "So, what's the battleplan?"
<OOC> Morrison is going to @tel you to the Malignant. You can pose from there using misc/emit
<OOC> Morrison says, "Be detailed when you pose though. Remember, you're posing for a ship with thousands of people on it. Not just yourself."
<OOC> NPC_Lauranne says, "okay..and thank you agian"

Bridge -- VSD Malignant

You have entered the brain of this massive Imperial Warship. The VSD Subjugator, with all it's power and might, is nothing without this medium sized room. With over 100 consoles located through this room, it can get quite busy. All computers here power a vital, or semi vital system with in the ship, plus their back ups. Olive Grey uniformed officers can be seen quickly moving from station to station, to check on the status of one system or another. There is a pit, where most of the computers are located. Above the pit is a metal catwalk for which the Captain and the Executive Officer use to view space and the tactical consoles. In the front of the room is a massive viewing screen, giving the Captain a marvelous view of space around him. There are stormtroopers here, like everywhere on this ship, that serve to protect the bridge from any hostile attempt to capture the ship.

OOC: There are inspectable items in this room. Please use inspect/contents to view them.

-=-=-=-=-=-=<<Virtual Objects>>=-=-=-=-=-=-
=> Holoterm Unit
-=-=-=-=-=-=<<Real Objects>>=-=-=-=-=-=-
=> Nav-Comp
obvious exits:
<A>ft leads to Command Deck Atrium -- VSD Malignant.
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Where are you Tarri?"
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Fighter bay."
You paged Morrison with 'I don't know how 'detailed' I can be though.'
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Conqueror."
<Imperial> Morrison says, "What is your ship?"
<Imperial> Tarri says, "I only have the code for the basic TIE Interceptors, so one of them."
<Imperial> Morrison says, "That's cool"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "When you launch, you'll also pose your wing"
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Okay, cool."
<Imperial> Morrison says, "So if you're icly not leading a wing pose for yourself and then in the same pose, pose for your wing."
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Use the %R%T"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "To seperate the two partws"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "parts" [NavComp:] SF-2952 has just entered the system at 200,0,0.
<Imperial> Tarri nods.
<Imperial> Morrison says, "OK, i'll be posing, but I'll be slow, hope that's not a problem."
<SENSORS> SF-4025 has just entered the system at 200,0,0.
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Works fine for me, it's getting late here as it is."
<Imperial> Tarri says, "More relaxing for me. ;)"
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on CS-9685 says, "ZzzzAP!"
<SPACE> <OOC> Creon, on SF-4025 says, "Really?"
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on CS-9685 says, "No."
<SPACE> <OOC> Creon, on SF-4025 says, "Lying to me huh?"

__________________________________________________________________________ / \ | Trans Part. Name X Y Z Range Status Docked? | ============================================================================ | SF-2952 Falcon 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-4025 Ghost 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-9653 Conqueror 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | CS-772 Malignant 500 500 500 0.0 Normal No | | P-9645 Coruscant -135 -70 -194 1099.9 Normal No | | CS-9685 NRSD Crusa 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | ============================================================================ \__________________________________________________________________________/

----=< Status Display for CS-772 >=----------------------------------------- Status: Normal Shield: 0/162 Hull: 1446/1446 Fuel: 5000/5000 System: 127,183,568 Location: 500,500,500 Ship Speed (Real Space): 40 Hyperdrive Speed: X1 Jumps in NavComp: 20/20 Ship Size: 900 Maximum Radio Channels: 20 Long Range Communication: 100 -Ship Systems Functionality- Hyperdrive: Yes Landing Gear: No Docking Apparatus: Yes Normal Scanner Range: 1600 Passive Scanner Range: 400 Focus Scanner Range: 40 -Weapon Status- Range Mods (Neg Dice) 0- 11- 101- > Fire Num Name Ammo 10: 100: 500: 500: Ctrl 1 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 10 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 11 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 12 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 13 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 14 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 15 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 16 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 17 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 18 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4 19 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 2 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 20 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 21 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 22 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 23 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 24 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 25 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 26 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 27 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 28 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 29 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 3 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 30 Type 1 Turbolaser Batteries (10) Inf. 3 4 5 6 3 4 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 5 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 6 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 7 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 8 Class 5a Cncsn Missle Launcher 5 3 4 4 5 3 9 Class 2 Tractor Beam Proj Inf. 1 3 4 5 4

Long distance to Morrison: NPC_Lauranne does a misc/status and wishes she hadn't..
Morrison pages: Whyz zat babe?
Tarri pages: From experience, what size would the average TIE wing be?
You paged Morrison with 'I thought I didn't know waht I was doing to begin with@'
Tarri just checked your +finger info.
Long distance to Tarri: NPC_Lauranne isn't sure..
You paged Tarri with 'they're just little one person starfighters aren'th they?'
<Imperial> Morrison says, "OK, Tarri when you launch, your wing will hold close to the Conqureor and the rest of the fleet. Lauranne, you're going to just use misc/emit to pose. Don't worry about the ship commands. We're going to do this through poses and not coded."
Tarri pages: Okii, no worries. :)
You paged Tarri with 'oh you mean like how many ships you are posing for?'
From afar, Tarri nods.
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Okay."
You paged Morrison and Tarri with 'how many Tie's is Tarri posing for anyway?'
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne nods.
Morrison pages: Less than 10, so you can pose for a Tie-Wing too if you'd like, in addition to your ship.
<SENSORS> SF-8242 has just entered the system at 200,0,0.
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 razberries
<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 appears.
You paged Morrison and Tarri with 'Eep! i'm already dealing with trying to remember any of the fight scenes in the movies ;) I don't want to confuse myself with posing for tie's as well.. I asked as Tarri wasn't sure how many .. less than 10, huh?'
<SPACE> <OOC> Jack, on SF-2952 ewwwws.
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Just stick with what you feel comfortable with Lauranne"
<SPACE> <OOC> Creon, on SF-4025 says, "Goodtimes?"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne's SO is offering to help her a we shall see.
<SPACE> <OOC> Jack, on SF-2952 sadly shakes his head.
<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 shoots at people.
<Imperial> Tarri says, "I'll go with 10. It's a surprise attack anyway."
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "morrison, wanna set for the Imps, then i'll pose in the NR Fleet"
<SENSORS> SF-6757 has just entered the system at 200,0,0.
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 nods and poses
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 says, "Word up homeslices!"
<SENSORS> SF-5277 has just entered the system at 200,0,0.
<Swoop> Tara has disconnected.
      Just another day in the crowded space over Courscant. Ships coming in, ships going out. Things were finally getting back to normal, despite the insurrgent attempts of the rebels. While fighting raged in places on the planet, most of the massive urban planet was busy doing the usual.
      Circling Coruscant is an Imperial Fleet Detatchment. A powerful force of medium-sized cappies built around two Imperial Star Destroyers and an aging VSD.
      The fleet is doing the usual exercises for the day. Patrolling groups of fighters orbit the fleet in wide intervals as per standard operating proceedure.
      Admiral Cifus stands on the bridge of the ISD Dread looking at the massive urban planet through a large bridge-window.

<Imperial> Morrison says, "Can one of you folks log this for Korolov and friends?"
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 says, "So...coded combat, right? \;)"
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 says, "Just kidding. :D"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne is logging
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 says, "NOTE: The Imperial Fleet consists of 2 ISDs, 1 VSD, 18 LANCERs, 15 STRIKEs, and 9 ESCCARs, 3 INTCs, and 10 MARAUDERs, plus I assume a few Golans\; and about 2000 fighters (most unlaunched). About 200 are on patrols around the system."
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Just give me a holla when you want the fighters."
<SPACE> < Creon, on SF-4025 gulps and pulls at his color.
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 says, "Just so you're all aware, I'll be in and out for the most part of this. RL is being kinda iffy. Shouldn't last too terribly long though before things settle down."
      Well, this day has been coming for some time now, probably ever since the Empire took the planet from the New Republic, so no one should be too surprised that it is finally here..
      The first sign that something is amiss should be a huge spike on the hyperspace-buoy sensors, a spike that is almost off the chart and it might even be dismissed as a glitch by the young Ensign or Lt monitoring the station. But before he or she could shrug it off, or notify hisher superior officer suddenly a previously empty area of Coruscant's space begins filling up with ships at alarming speed, ships that are easily identified as New Republic ones..
      The first wave is the starfighters, wings and wings A-wings, X-wings, B-wings and Y-wings, hundreds of them in total, then a split second later the Capital ships revert to real-space as well, CorGuns and Corellian Corvettes, Nebbs and RAFs, MC-80 and RepSDs, over forty in total, arrayed in a roughly arrowhead formation, already burning toward the planet at high speed.

<Swoop> Tara has connected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "ok, NR pose order: evir, jack, creon, lando, moralis, keli and myself"
<Swoop> Tara has disconnected.
<Swoop> Delila has connected.
Among the multitude of squadrons of New Republic fighters is one certain A-Wing squadron, its fighters liveried in shades of green. The fighter in the sixth slot of the squadron slips into place behind and beside its wingleader, engines flaring as the fighter squadrons leap out from their arrival points.
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "ok, NR pose order: evir, jack, creon, lando, aaden, moralis, keli and myself"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "T I'm going to need your help on this"
<Imperial> Naota says, "shot :)"
<Imperial> Morrison is going to need you to break down the moves your people make to me when I ask for it. Like, what wing is going where, which ship is shooting. I'm sort of split between work and here and think with the huge pose order I may lose track.
<Imperial> Morrison says, "So when i get ready to pose and ask you for a summary then let me know in-brief what's happening where and I'll pose accordingly."
<Imperial> Naota says, "all right, i'll try"
<Imperial> Naota says, "in general i'd suggest focusing mostly on my poses though and let the others NR-ites just have fun blowing up NPC fighters.."
<Imperial> Morrison screams as he loses his massive pose
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne blinks then comforts Morrison.
<TP> Han_Solo has connected.
<Imperial> Morrison sniffles. "It was like....huge too"
<Imperial> Tarri says, "What's going on?"
<Imperial> Morrison humms and says, You ladies can pose in whenever you need to.
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "that for the fighter man and myself, Morrison?"
<Imperial> Tarri grumbkes, "I'm no lady, I just have a girly nickname." :p
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Oh yes...Sorry Tarri..."
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Pose in whenever you feel like it."
<SENSORS> SF-1244 has just entered the system at 608,478,608.
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 says, "Xerxes is going to help us out on the Impie side with the poses."
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "you are asking a fish out of water to 'just pose in' (meaning myself). I'm logged on for the swoop event I'm hosting this weekend..."
<SPACE> <OOC> Xerxes, on CS-9653's 4ces R Sup3r L33t!
<Imperial> Tarri is posing now, okay?
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Go"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "please :) Give me some idea what to do here :)"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Pose away guys"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "and gals"
      Despite the surprise attack by the New Republic, the Conquerer still manages to ready her fighters. A dozen TIE Intercepters spill out from her side like wasps from a nest when provoked. The small fighters don't move far from the ship, staying in a straight formation, moving around to form a quick moving blockade of some sort.

      Moving on the far left of the TIE wing is Lightning 1, like all the others it stays in formation, keeping itself between the Republic fleet and the Conquerer.

<Imperial> Morrison says, "Lauranne, bring your ship closer to ours. You are the farthest out, so you'll be pretty vulnerable."
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne should pose doing this then move codewise?
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Just pose it, but remember, you're moving a giant ship."
<Swoop> Phasm has connected.
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "okay"
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "i suggest anyone NPCing, and PCing include their name (Naota) at the end of their pose so we can keep track of the pose-order.."
<Swoop> Cove has connected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Tarri, on SF-1244 says, "That was me, sorry."
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "coolios, that leaves lauranna and morrison, then my guys will be up, right?"

Xerxes just checked your +finger info.
<Swoop> Ranabi has connected.
<Imperial> Morrison says, "I'm up again then?"
<SPACE> (NPC_Lauranne) There is a flurry of activity on the bridge of the VSD as the arriving fleet registers then arrives. Being as there are so many 'arrivals' the Captain and the Executive Officer decide it would be prudent to get closer to the rest of the Imperial vessels here. The large ship begins to turn toward the rest of the Capital ships the Empire has assigned here seeking better protection from the rebel intruders.
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne is not a fast poser, sorry about that.
<SENSORS> SF-3264 has just entered the system at -209,358,-100.
<SPACE> <OOC> Han_Solo, on SF-3264 shoots at everyone.

__________________________________________________________________________ / \ | Trans Part. Name X Y Z Range Status Docked? | ============================================================================ | SF-1244 Lightning 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-5277 Ghost 10 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-8242 Falcon 6 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-2952 Falcon 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-4025 Ghost 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-9653 Conqueror 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-3264 Millennium -209 358 -100 939.6 Normal No | | SF-6757 Ghost 9 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-772 Malignant 500 500 500 0.0 Normal No | | P-9645 Coruscant -135 -70 -194 1099.9 Normal No | | CS-9685 NRSD Crusa 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | ============================================================================ \__________________________________________________________________________/

<Swoop> Tara has connected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "ok, NR pose order: evir, jack, creon, lando, aaden, moralis, Han, keli and myself"
<TP> Jessalyn has connected.
<Swoop> Tara has disconnected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 says, "So..."
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "sit tight, waiting on Morrisin's pose"
<Swoop> Tara has connected.
<Swoop> Korbel has disconnected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "Imps, mind if we skip Morrison for one round?"
<SPACE> <OOC> Tarri, on SF-1244 says, "I don't mind."
<SPACE> Falcon 2, along with the rest of the fighter wings, rapidly drops out of hyperspace. Its quite a terse moment for Rooster.... Sitting along in his cockpit... waiting.... and there they were. Checking the rapidly beeping and updated sensor's, Jack sighs, and reaches into a pocket in his flightsuit, pulling out a Sabaac card... the Queen of Cups. Kissing it quickly, he jams it between two consoles, where it stays. "Time for you to earn my adoration again." He says under his breath. (Jack)
<SPACE> <OOC> NPC_Lauranne, on CS-772 doesn't mind, work probably has him right now.
<SPACE> Another ship to come out of hyper space with the X-wing fighters a particular squad with grey markings on it one of the pilots in the second postion of the squadron is Creon, he pilots ghost 2 as he slows, the eyes of the pilot scan around trying to see what exactly they are up against. He is still holding the silence on the com however useless that is missing a task force of this size would be a blunder nobody could make. As he can clearly see the mass of imperials he readies his ship for the incoming fight. He accelorates with his squad waiting still though for commands to come down to them.(Creon)
<SPACE> Sitting somewhat uncomfortably in the cockpit of his X-Wing, Lando Calrissian takes a deep breath and stretches as best as he can. It'd been a long time since he was in a fighter, and he had forgotten how close it was. Shrugging, he checks his console. Onasis squadron was in position and he was riding right behind the lead ship. "I should've brought an extra cigar." is all he says to himself as he continues along with the rest of the group.
<TP> Fury has connected.
<SPACE> Among the hoard of starfighters rapidly deccelerating from hyperspace is a ssquadron of X-Wing fighters, nestled smack dab in the middle of the right flank. Ghost squadron forms up in near-perfect order, barely a hands length out of position as those long starlines begin to to receed, leaving them clearly in the Coruscant system, an array of enemy ships clear in front of them. In their way. Like the other fighters in the formation, Ghost-10's shields immediately spring to life with a flickering blue glow, set forward, double intensity for the moment of course. A babble of voices begins to sound over the comm as the various fighters report in and Rapier quickly adds his own to that chorus. (Aaden)
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Sorry guys, important phone call at a bad time ;?"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "er :/"
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 says, "OMG and just realized he posed a huge pose inside the bridge of his ship"
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 poses it for all to see. This should ahve been about 10 mins ago. :/
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 says, "lol"
      The admiral stands, his eyes dialated as the huge NR fleet jumps into Coruscant space. He drops his datapad. His mind goes numb. A vetern of countless battles, but seeing such a fleet appear facing his command was shocking.
      Captain Tizdan begins issuing orders. "Alert Cor-Com, get that planetary shield up and their defenses ready. We're going to need those planetary turbolasars online fast. Contact Garrison command and get them alerted. Get the fleet alerted," he says shouting orders. "I want a tight circle 2 drawn around the Fleet Center, bring those ships in tight to ward off those fighters. Launch all interceptors and get those Ties online for launch and GET THOSE PATROLS in now. Send orders to that VSD and have it come in closer to us, it's a sitting duck out there."
      Staffers rush to do the Captains' bidding, but its not long before he hears, "Sir they're jamming our com stations, but we're getting through via HD."
      Tie Interceptors begin launching as the ready wings jump in their ship. The fighter pilots are and the rest of the crew are rockted to action by the shrill call to general quarters.
      The Carrack and Strike Cruisers begin to move closer to the lumbering ISD as the other ships in the task force turn toward the two large ships."(morrison)
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne comforts Morrison.
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 blushes
<Imperial> Tarri has reconnected.
<Imperial> Tarri has partially disconnected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Tarri, on SF-1244 says, "Sorry guys, last I saw was Morrison's blush."
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "you didn't miss anything, Tarri ;)"
<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 nods. That was the last thing that was posed. :P
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "no poses since"
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<SPACE> <OOC> Tarri, on SF-1244 says, "Great, thank."
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 just tossed that in..sorry guys. I can't believe I did that again (posed using @emit)
<SENSORS> SF-3264 appears from hyper space. The entire New Republic was a buzz with this liberation of Coruscant and though han liked to think he'd put the military behind him, he knew that the Republic Military was likely to need his skills. Han had arrived on time, he didn't see the tactical advantage in arriving late. As the Millenium Falcon tore into Coruscant space, han, Chewbacca and Threepio prepared themselves for war. "Been a long time Chewie..." Han watched his screen as Chewbacca prepared the ship for combat. "Think the Falcon is up for it?" Chewbacca howled in acknowledgement.
<SENSORS> CS-9685 "Bring the squadron around, full power to the engines." Captain Whitney says to his crew as he settles into position on his chair and his bridge. "Shields to full power, Weapons to full, full speed ahead, helm." The furry on his bridge does his proud, though, as the crewmen move to carry out their orders. In the New Republic line, a small contingent of 4 Corellian Gunships breaks formation, moving to take their positions at the head of the arrowhead, moving at full power toward the Imperial fleet directly behind the fighter line, spreading out themselves in a staggered diamond formation. (Kelidon)
<EmpireMil> Hersch has connected.
<Imperial> Hersch has connected.
<Imperial> Hersch waves. "Just checking in, I don't have much time."
      The NR formation suddenly breaks apart and reshapes itself into 5 separate battle-groups, centered around the 5 RepSDs, the Crusader and its cap-ship escorts angle toward the Conqueror their old adversary.. though back then the I2SD flew under a different name.. the Templar-group is heads for one of the other ISDs and so is the Sentinel, preparing to meet their Imperial counterparts more or less force on force.
      Meanwhile the Onasis battle-group continues straight toward the planet to engage the Imperial Golan stations in the immediate area even as a few Telgas Assault Shuttles drop behind the mighty RepSD's shadow and dives into the atmosphere, dodging between the escaping civilian ships. Which leaves the Alderaan to square off against the Malignant, though the older model VSD was never really intended for such space battles..
      Then once the enemy ships are within optimal range the NR Task Force opens fire almost at one, hundreds, thousands of heavy turbo-laser batteries start firing volley after volley of crimson colored death-beams toward Imperial fleet.. not to mention the hundreds of proton torpedoes streaking from X,Y and B-wings toward the smaller enemy ships while the NR A-wings dive straight for the TIE Interceptors and Scimitars..


<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "Imps are up"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne greets Hersch.
<Imperial> Hersch says, "How is everything going?"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "alright I suppose, since I am not much of a fighter, nevermind space fight ;)"
<Imperial> Tarri says, "Morrison is up first, right?"
<Swoop> Draga has connected.
<Imperial> Morrison says, " Impie...yes!@"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Wait, you're not a fleet fighter."
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Dern"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "Hersch, leaving, sorry Morrison..he said he hasn't time to stay."

Sta Name Sex Branch Rank Idle
IC Hersch (M) ISB 2nd Lieutenant 2m 8s
IC Tarri (M) Navy Ensign 1m 6s
IC NPC_Lauranne (F) Navy Lieutenant 1s

<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 says, "should I pose in response to that and let the fighters pose after?"
<Imperial> Hersch says, "Well, I'll stick around, if I think I have enough time to start fighting, I'll let you know."
<Imperial> Hersch says, "How are things going?"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "We're about to our clocks cleaned over Coruscant"
<Imperial> Hersch says, "What else is new? ;)"
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "your guys, your pose order, change however you want to :)"
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<SPACE>       The battle groups face a much smaller foe in the Imperial ships. While massive in a ship-to-ship engagement, it's obvious from the start that they are out-matched by sheer numbers. The Captain of the ISD Dread continues issuing orders as the Carracks and Strikes continue to move into position (along with the other cappies) into a large and tight semi-circle. They totally ignore the battle group bound for the planet. Coruscant would have to deal with its own problems. As ships open fire, casualties blink out of existance instantly. The first are the outlying interceptors and patrols. Overwhelmed, the Ties put up a spirited fight, but the patrols lack the numbers to deal with the swarming N.R. fighters.
      On the planet, the shield is just beginning to come up, as are the plantary batteries. They launch super-heavy bolts at the enemy ships above.
      As the ships continue to move, the Captain yells, "Get that VSD to the perimeter now!"


<SENSORS> SF-7062 has just entered the system at 200,0,0.
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "ok, NR pose order: evir, jack, creon, lando, aaden, khar, Han, keli and myself"
<Swoop> Cal has connected.
      The small wing of Interceptors obviously isn't ready for the incoming attack and is hit hard by the volley of proton torpedoes. At least two thirds of the fighters explode, looking like nothing more than cosmic fireworks. The comm chatter soon comes to life, commands going too and fro between the starfighters. The commander of the wing signals for the formation and whats left of the wing moves back into place and continues to protect the Conquerer.
      From within the cramped cockpit of Lightning 1, Tarrin recieves orders and replies with a simple, "Lightning 1, roger that commander." The pilot quickly works his way around the controls in the cockpit, bringing his Interceptor around to face the A-Wings. Either side of his cockpit he can see the other fighters moving the sane way, regaining structure depite the heavy losses.
<SPACE> (NPC_Lauranne) Right about now the VSD's shields have finished powering up as well, and the vessel has completed its turn to be able to move to the 'perimeter'. Many of its accompanying fighters do not make it into the formation as the NR ships attack, but still the VSD continues to move toward the position it's commanding officer has ordered it to.

<TP> Callan has connected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Jack, on SF-2952 thinks the Impy fighter pilots should start pairing off against the A-wings.
      Falcon Six bobs and weaves around the green lines of incoming laser cannon fire from the multitude of TIE Interceptors, one shot grazing against the ship's shields. The A-Wing's pilot--Evir Yissik--doesn't seem too worried with the glancing hit, selecting the linked mode of fire for his two cannons and sending a stream of red streaks flying towards the Imperial fighters, the fire from the A-Wings all around his ship joining his own, as the paired clouds of starfighters rapidly close. Pinpricks of light flash among both the Republic and Imperial groups, and then they pass. The New Republic A-Wings break around in tight turns, selecting TIEs for targets as the organized head-on pass disintegrates into smaller dogfights.
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<Imperial> Morrison says, "Ta"
<Imperial> Naota says, "yeah?"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Give me a yell if I don't catch on when its my pose."
<Imperial> Naota says, "will do"

__________________________________________________________________________ / \ | Trans Part. Name X Y Z Range Status Docked? | ============================================================================ | SF-1244 Lightning 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-5277 Ghost 10 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-8242 Falcon 6 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-2952 Falcon 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-4025 Ghost 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-9653 Conqueror 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-3264 Millennium -209 358 -100 939.6 Normal No | | SF-6757 Ghost 9 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-7062 Ghost 11 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-772 Malignant 500 500 500 0.0 Normal No | | P-9645 Coruscant -135 -70 -194 1099.9 Normal No | | CS-9685 NRSD Crusa 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | ============================================================================ \__________________________________________________________________________/

<SPACE> Just as fast as they approached the dots suddenly shot past the pack of A-Wings, following the crimson beams of there Cannon's. Falcon Two conducts a quick S-turn with the rest of the squadron and lets his radar choose the closest target, turning his head back behind him to check for anything on his six, before turning back and eyeing his radar, snapping his ship to the side, "Alright you fast-moving sithspawn..." He squeezes the trigger.
<SPACE> Watching closely in the pit of ghost 2 creon moves around the lazor blasts, and knowing know the battle has truely begun he turns quickening he fires mistles towrds the closest fighter to him than pulls away making sure to stay out of the fire of all the ships near him. He moves in waiting for his next chance to attack. His eyes turn towrds the crusader a moment as he watches it close in on the battle. He can only steer around and listen to all the chatter of the com which even shadows over his engins.(Creon)
<SPACE> Ignored by the majority of the Imperials, the Onasis group moves to take on the Golan station. As they reach the battlestation, the leader gives the command and they break, going in fast and firing non-stop as enemy fighters emerge. Calrissian grits his teeth and keeps a tight grip on the controls as he dives into action, doing his best to dodge the incoming fire from both the planet and the TIEs that are rapidly appearing on his scanners. "Nandaba's gonna owe me for this." he mutters to himself as he slams the control stick to the side to tail one of the TIEs and starts firing.
<SPACE> Like the other fighters along the right flank, Ghost squadron unleashes their first volley of proton torpedos as soon as they are within range -- both to try and strike home at the capital ships and to do as much damage to the fighter screens that try in vain to defend their hulking baseships. The multitudes of explosions are particular satisfying as they illuminate the midnight expanse. But it is hardly going to be enough to bring the Imperial defense to it's knees.

With their initial salvo of torpedos let loose, most of the Ghost X-Wings immediately beginning to increase power to their sublight engines, the red glow emitted by the powerful ion drive system beginning to pick up in intensity as the starfighters begin to pull away from the hulking captial ships that follow in their wake. Amongst them, Ghost 10 forms up with it's two escorts, cutting through the empty void in a triangle formation. "Keep shields fixed double front until our initial pass and then balance them out. Pick your targets but try to save your torpedos for straffing runs on the line ships. Try to take out those Marauders when you have the chance. But let our big boys deal deal with theirs," Rapier orders over the comm to his wingmen as they follow after the faster A-Wings towards the increasing trickle of enemy fighters that are beginning to regroup after the initial torpedo attack. (Aaden)

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<Imperial> Tarri says, "Give me a shout before the Conquerer splits, I'll need to make sure I get back on it."
<SPACE> The Falcon had quickly set itself for an attack on incoming star fighters. Han knew that his joining the fight would up the stakes for the Empire and he expected them to send more then enough of a challenge his way. He was right. Roaring at him, canons firing came three fighters, soaring with skill and grace that impressed even Solo. Han flipped some switches and stared intensly at the attackers. Some fancy piloting was gonna be called for, and Han readied himself. Tearing towards the attackers Han spun through the three fighters Chewie unleashing their own barrage. As their bolts ripped by the Falcon, Han stayed steady. His lips drying almost instantly. "Over there Chewie!" Han shouted. Chewbacca was already hard at work tearing apart one of the fighters. The wookiee exploded bolts into one of the oncomnig fighters and after several loud blasts one was struck and spinning out of control. "Nice one Chewie!"
"Reinforce the front shields, all batteries continue to fire on selected targets. Ignore their fighters, let ours take them out. Clear out any support ships between the Crusader Group and the Conquerer." Comes the response from the Captain of the Gunship. "Rear ships, bring it up and focus on a tighter formation, the Imperials are going for the clam routine." His gaze continues to regard the battle before him, half watching the scene out of the viewpower, and on his own displays. The Gunship itself will take several blasts of its own, some deflecting off the shields of the capital ship, some doing damage to portions of its hull. The four gunships will continue to close the distance, however, with the Conquerer, with an almost casual disregard, as if daring the imperial forces to concentrate fire upon them. (Kelidon)
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Egads, this fight will take all night ;)"
      With the exception of the Onasis and its escorts the other 4 NR battle-groups slow down then come to a full stop, deciding to just slug it out with the various Imp cappies from medium distance.. the RepSDs seem to be focusing on the ISDs and the lone VSD while the MC-80s and the RAFs go after smaller targets like the Carracks and the Strikes even as the 3 CorGun squadrons leave their original formations and working in tandem with the NR fighters begin engaging the Imperial TIEs and Scims while the Corellian Corvettes go after any Lancers that could pose a threat to the X and A-wings.
      Meanwhile the RepSD Onasis and its MC-80 and RAF shadows closes in on the nearest Golan Station and turning broadside starts exchanging fire with the orbital defense platform, letting loose with all their guns, knowing that it's critical to get these Golans off line as quickly possible.. even as their fighters break off and following Lando's X-wing go after the Imp fighters coming from the station..
      And the reason for the Onasis's hurried, almost suicidal charge becomes rather obvious as suddenly, father away from the planet, another NR Fleet reverts into real-space, though these ships are not advancing on Coruscant just yet, they're just holding position.. for these are all troop-carriers and dropships, just waiting for a hole to appear in the Imperial defenses..

<Imperial> Naota says, "i hope so :)"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "who was that last one?"
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "hmm, my name got cut off, sorry"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Our pose?"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "yikes...I haven't Got all night... mind since I'm not really a fighter anyway it probalby wouldn't make much difference."
<Imperial> Naota says, "yes morr"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Ok, so one group is heading to planet and attacking orbital defenses, other groups are heading this way...anything special I should know."
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Any major ships in range of our guns yet?"
<Imperial> Naota says, "which guns?"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Our big fleet guns."
<Imperial> Tarri says, "I might only have a little while ahead of me, I'm reaching the 3am mark already."
<Imperial> Naota says, "yes, unless you're using pea-shooters.. my cappies have bem firing at your cappies for 2 rounds now :)"
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "NR's done for this round btw"
      The bridge of the ISD Dread is buzzing with activity as the battle's fury intensifies. Golan Orbital Stations return fire, but are heavily outmatched by the focused assault of the attack groups. One disintegrates into a floating, burning mass of space junk. The others begin focusing their fire on the smaller ships trying to inflict maximum casualties on the less sturdy vessels.
      At the site of the fleet engagement fighters kill each other in swarms. Ties, some of which are still launching from the Conqurer and the ISD Dread continue to fill the skies. Built to fight in numbers, they could equal the number of NR fighters if they were all allowed to launch. Light Fleet Carriers also belch fighters swarming into the fray.
      The large fleets attempt to fend off the fighters while returning turbolasar shots with the large fleet ships. A Carrack begins to burn from the focused fire of one of the NR battle groups. It attempts to disengage. A Strike takes massive hits from one of the RSDs and comes apart in a blinding flash.
    nbsp; "TARGET that Corgun," all port guns." Yells the Dread's Fire Control officer. The ISD focuses fire on the unfortune Corgun breaking down its shields and setting it afire.
      The arrival of the new fleet sends a curse to the admiral's lips. Now fully in control of his faculties, he orders the ships to pull in tighter. "Bring them in closeer, we must repel those fighters and focus our firepower," he says.


      The Interceptors are soon battered some more, this time by the laser fire from the A-Wings. Two more fighters go down, one whizzing uncontrollably into space Of the Lightning Wing, a pair of fighters are down, leaving only a trio of fighters in the wing. The leader moves out to the left and the second in command takes the center position. They move around to try and get a sight on the attackers before finally taking their own targets and leave the formation, letting of a barrage of green laser fire from the four laser cannons on the wings.
      Tarin keeps his eyes on his radar for a moment, using it to guide himself back into formation, taking the position on the right. "Lightning one into place." He quickly barks into his comlink before moving just a little to get any A-Wings he can into his sights. The black-clad pilot grins inside his helmet and pulls a tight roll & turn to put himself behind a fighter before he presses the trigger. (Tarri)
<SPACE> (NPC_Lauranne) What remains of the VSD's escort fighters continue to manouvre about the ship, engaging enemy fighters until the VSD finally makes it to the rest of the Imperial formation.
Bright blue engine ports flare to a dazzling white as the Imperial Dreadnaught Apocalypso diverts power to the sublight drive and accelerates, trying desperately to close widening gaps in the picket formation. She may not be the youngest gal at this dance, but her crew is still top-notch and aching to give these damnable rebels a fight! The hard burn takes a heavy toll on the ship's power systems and more than one relay overloads under the stress, but she's tough and there's still plenty of bite in her. The forward batteries of the century-old cruiser come alive, launching salvo after salvo towards the incoming Republic forces. At this range, and these energy levels, the turbolaser fire might pose little threat to the fighters approaching, but the 'Calypso isn't trying to aiming to kill, yet. All she needs to do is scatter the formation a bit, and buy the the slow-moving Malignant enough time to reach its position.


<SPACE> <OOC> Tarri, on SF-1244 says, "Sorry guys, this is where I start posing sloppy, it is 3am here."
<Imperial> Tarri runs for a really quick smoke to wake himself up.
<SPACE> < Morrison, on CS-9653 says, "that's it for us"
      Falcon Six rolls and pulls a half-loop, bringing its weapons to bear on a pair of Scimitars. Evir pushes his throttle forward to the stops, the J-77 Event Horizon engines behind him flaring and pushing the fighter they power to within three hundred meters of its chosen target. A second A-Wing slots in to the right of Evir's, breaking right after one of the bombers. Falcon Six follows the second as it dodges down and away, and the moment a chime in the cockpit announces a targeting lock, Evir squeezes his trigger. The bomber jinks uselessly, hits splashing against its aft shields and breaking through to eat into the hull. Falcon Six makes one lucky hit, however--one shot pierces the Scimitar's aft armor and hits a concussion missile magazine. The characteristic whine of a TIE behind the A-Wing, though, prevents the Republic pilot from observing his kill--as green streaks his aft shields, he shoves his control stick the whole way to the left and cuts his throttle back in an attempt to shake the Interceptor. (Evir)

<Imperial> Morrison says, "Ok, so a good overview would be that the planetary group is pounding the Golan and trading shots with the planetary batteries, while the other groups are moving in close to our big fleet position right now?"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Are you guys trying to invade the surface now?"
<Imperial> Naota says, "not tonight"
<Imperial> Naota says, "we're doing that tomorrow :)"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "So my synopsis of the battle is pretty accurate?"

<SPACE> Falcon 2 snaps up and away, the tie fighter in front losing a wing and flying back, pinning another tie in the hornet's nest. Things you don't plan for... Rooster smirks grimly at the Queen in his console, white teeth gleeming in the flashes of blaster fire before he checks his count... "Tip, you got a mess on your 6! Pull right and out!" Jack calls over the com, turning his craft to intercept Lightning One...

<Imperial> Naota says, "yeah"
<SPACE> Only so long in the mess of battle can an X wing even with quick movements evade fire from the emperial blockade the republic pilot in Ghost 2's luck runs out, and though he banks hard and away a blase of bright green laser crashes into his front side of his shields. Creon inside sees the flare up, but looks over his sytems, and things still are holding for now pushing his throttle to the max he screams forward. He banks hard rolling trying to get on the tail of the fighter which had shot, He finds a good position and fires lasers streaking from the four cannons on the wings of his fighter.(creon)

<SPACE> <OOC> Jack, on SF-2952 ohs, and thought thats who you ment.
<SPACE> <OOC> Jack, on SF-2952 says, "Mavish"
<SPACE> Lando winces as X-Wing pilots on his left and right explode into nothing, having been hit from either turbolaser fire coming up from the planet or from Imperial ships here in orbit. Two good pilots lost, and that only in this squadron. And the battle had only just begun. More were bound to be lost before it was all over. He squints his eyes as one of the battlestations is taken out in a brilliant reddish white explosion. He taps the com and sends a message to his squad-mates. "Ok boys, thats one. Stick together. Lets try to draw these TIEs away from our big ships. Pair up and don't get cocky." He wasn't the one in charge of this squadron, but he didn't see anything wrong with giving some helpful advice.
<SPACE> Though not as fast as either the A-Wings nor the TIE Interceptors that are rapidly closing in on one another, X-Wings are not that shabby and with the full glare of their ion engines driving them forward it is a matter of seconds before the second formation of fighters will smash into the growing number of Imperial opponents who are beginning to race from their docking bays to meet them. Adding to the confusion are the bright streaking arcs of laser fire from the capital ships and while none of them manage to strike home at Ghost squadron it does become increasingly difficult to maintain one solid formation. Increasingly, the X-Wings seperate into their requisite flights and that last intervening space between them and their Imperial opposites disappears between the space of heartbeats.

"This is it. Pick your targets and move on. Don't get caught up in a furball if you can help it. Hit and run," Rapier says, relaying orders to his wingmen over the comm, sparing a brief glance for the radar display in front of him before letting loose with a salvo of laser fire, bright red gouts of light pouring from the extended S-foils of his fightercraft. In an instant that last distance is closed and Ghost 10 and the two X-Wings flying formation with it are in the heart of the fighter battle and with another bluish flicker, the fighter's shields even out, offering a balanced defense. (Aaden)
<SPACE> Captain Carnor Ramsus sat in the cockpit of Gold One was amazed at the size of the fleet the Republic assembled for retaking Coruscant. He hadn't seen something like this since the Battle of Endor. Not only that, this would be his fifth Battle of Coruscant. He was getting old. "Okay, Gold Group, follow my lead and wade into those bastards. Get to those Golans, we're taking 'em down," he said into the radio. Gold Group was assigned to the Republic Star Destroyer "Onasis," part of the strike team to assault the Imperial Golan defenses. Three Imperial TIE Interceptors were coming along to intercept Gold Squadron, but they did not make it very far\; a quick succession of shots from Carnor's X-wing tore the pylon off the leader, sending it into a dizzying spin and eventually exploded. The other two broke off from their intercept course, but the starboard most one did not make it very far. "Spill their blood, boys. Let's murder these lousy Imperial scum by the bushel." Gold Squadron accelerated to attack speed, coming down on one of the Golan stations.
      "All right\; group one, give Calrissian some cover fire and scatter those Imperial fighters. Group two, follow me, load up your proton torpedos, and open up on that damn Golan station. Don't fly in a straight line, those damn things pack a powerful punch." This wouldn't be Carnor's first run on an Imperial Golan Defense station. He primed his proton torpedoes and then launched away\; the damn station was too big to miss, fortunately, so he took no time in firing. Behind him, the rest of Gold Squadron's Group 2 opened fire with their torpedoes on the Golan while Group 1 mercilessly waded into the Imperial TIE Interceptors launched from the Golan, cutting down five of them before they even had time to react. It was time to liberate the Jewel of the Galaxy, and the former capital of the Republic.
<SPACE> Han and Chewbacca stayed on the two remaining fighters allowing the other devastated fighters to spin off into oblivion. The Falcon was shortly inundated with a heavy blast of fire from the two ships, Han evaded as best he could, the shield of the falcon soaking up the damage well enough. Han spun the ship around and aggressively approached the Imperial fighters. Han watched on as Chewie continued to erupt deadly fire into the less shielded ships.
"Helm, bring the ship to this heading." Shouts the captain as the Star Destroyers stop ignoring his squadron. Shifting his fingers to his com. "Damage report from the Independence. All other ships, triangle formation." He calls into the con, as the three remaining Gunships settle into their formation. The Gunship Independence does fall back a bit, ablaze along her starboard side, the engines flickering on and off.

As the Gunships reposition themselves, their commanding officer will offer a faint grin. "Let's repay that favor." He says to his crew. "Launch missiles. Target the two Marauders closest to that Star Destroyer." And with that command, 6 missiles will launch from the formation, followed quickly by another 6 as they soar through the laser barrage. (Kelidon)
      Going toe-to-toe with a large number of Golan defense platforms is not the ticket to longevity, something that the Onasis-group knew all along, but they do have a job to finish.. so while they're taking serious fire, they refuse to withdraw for now.. 1.. 2.. 3 of the stations go down but by now both the Onasis and the MCSC have also lost their shields, with the MC-80 being on fire.. and after another hit from the fourth station the organic-looking ship completely loses power and with fires blossoming all over its hull it slams into the planet's defense shield, disintegrating almost immediately even as the RepSd turns its attention toward the last Golan in the area.. of course there's more, but those can be dealt with later on.. under more leisurely conditions..
      As of the other 4 groups, their objectives were somewhat easier.. both the Templar and the Sentinel seems to be slowly overwhelming their main opponent after all.. a RepSD with a RAF or an MC-80 in support is more than a match against an Imperial Star Destroyer Mk 1, while the Crusader, Flagship of the entire Task Force keeps exchanging barrage for barrage with the I2SD Conqueror.. a more even battle, for now.. though eventually more and more NR ships will be able to join to support the NR ship, spelling certain doom for the Conqueror if she decides to stick around that long..
      The smaller NR ships, the MC-80 and the RAFs keep going after their Imp equivalents, like the Dreadnaught Apocalypso, diving deeper and deeper into the enemy formation now, intending to break it apart, hoping that they'd confuse the Imperials who are not good to react to anything new and not by-the-book..


<Imperial> Tarri says, "So, how many poses do I have left, two?"
<Imperial> Naota says, "Morr, need an update or are you OK? :)"
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "NR's done"
<Imperial> Naota says, "i just realized you never got the second part Morr"
      The Admiral gives the order, "Begin withdrawal," he says, his face flushed with shame and fear. He didn't fear defeat as much as reporting the failure. Loss of ships in a useless defense of Coruscant at this point and time would be illogical. Staffers begin relaying the messages to the fleet as it is engaged.
      As the order is given, the smaller ships, Strikes, Carracks, begin to make their way across the perimeter to the other side of the large ISDs. As they do, the volume of fire from the ISDs increases as they begin breaking the engagement.
      A Marauder fighting on the fringe of the engagement loses its shields and takes massive damage form a collision with an unwitting X-wing. The Marauder, tightly organzied into formation collides with a Lancer below it and together the two ships tumble out of control. Both erupt into flames and the Marauder completely comes apart while the Lancer burns in several places. It struggles to return to formation and a wing of old Tie Fighters zoom in to cover it from the ravenous N.R. X and A-Wings.
      Over at the planet, as the Golans continue to be destroyed, but dish out major pain. More planetary guns come online and begin sending Turbo laswers and Ion fire into the atmosphere. The large bolts are dangerous and prove themselves quickly.
      Back at the fleet, the battle continues to go south for the defenders. The unengaged ships on the outer ends of the semi-circle move into position to add their firepower to the conflict. Lining up, the ships begin to reverse power heading away from the planet.

<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 says, "that was me"
<Imperial> Morrison says, "Hey Imps, where is the fall back point? Dreven?"
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "umm.. sure, why not? as good a place as any."
      Seeing the Malignant to her position in the Imperial lines, the 'Calypso eases off on the thrust in preparation of dealing directly with the advancing NR capitals. Six-hundred meters of angry cruiser doesn't corner like a fighter, after all, and leaving all that power wrapped up in the engines would be suicidal. Engineering stations around the ship begin redistributing the power into an attack configuration, but then...
      DISASTER! As the Apocalypso is re-angling her shields, a power fluctuation opens a momentary chink in the energy barrier. The shield operators are quick to compensate, but an enemy missle slips by. With the bright flash of detonation, an aft quarter of the cruiser begins hemorrhaging atmosphere and bodies. It's not this ship's first battle scar, but for the moment, she's completely off the offensive as damage control teams scramble to make sure it won't be her last.


<Imperial> Naota would suggest not going to drewen as it's ungodly far from any other planets :)
      The main remnants of Lightning wing are soon obliterated buy the combined fire of the fighters around them. The leader managed to spin out and crash into an X-Wing in a dazling desplay of poor piloting. The next in command managed to let off a few more rounds before finally getting his wings well and truley clipped.
      This leaves the final Lightning, Lightning One. Tarri starts to franticly bash at the controls as he keeps trying to dodge incoming fire. A laser blast rattles his wing pretty bad leaving a long back scorch. "Lightning One, I'm coming back in." He barks again into the comlink. Not long after he gives his update is he intercepted by one of the Falcons, a shot or two is let off, but he tries to plant his attention on getting past as fast as he can towards the Conquerer, unaware of a few fighters coming in from above.

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<SPACE> <OOC> Moralis, on CS-9685 says, "Anyone mind if I pose in here? I've been idle on a date thus far, and therefore unable to participate :P"
<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 says, "Only if you don't interfere with me. :P"
<SPACE> <OOC> Moralis, on CS-9685 says, "And by here I mean with the NR poses, not RIGHT here."
<Imperial> Morrison is out of here
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 waves out
<SPACE> <OOC> Morrison, on CS-9653 says, "Xerxes will take over the Imperial side of things."
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<SPACE> (NPC_Lauranne) The VSD has not long been incorporated into the battlegroup when the call to disengage and leave the area arrives. The ship begins the manouvres to move away from the battle and head for a jump point safely, re-inforcing the rear shields once no longer facing and firing at the rebel forces.
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "and with my pose we are done for this round? Back to the NR now?"
<Imperial> Tarri nods.
<Imperial> Naota says, "yes"
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<SPACE> <OOC> Carnor, on SF-7062 says, "Imperials done?"
<SPACE> <OOC> Kelidon, on CS-9685 says, "Ding, ding. Anyone alive?"
<Swoop> Tara has connected.
<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 says, "Nope."
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "Evir's up"
<SPACE> <OOC> Moralis, on CS-9685 says, "Ramsus? I thought that char was dead."
<SPACE> <OOC> Xerxes, on CS-9653 says, "Yeah, sorry. Ding! Imp's done."
<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 says, "Hence my pose. :P"
<SPACE> <OOC> Carnor, on SF-7062 says, "He didn't die"
<SPACE> <OOC> Moralis, on CS-9685 says, "By dead I mean @nuked :P"
<SPACE> <OOC> NPC_Lauranne, on CS-772 says, "what pose, Evir?"
<SPACE> <SPACE> Tarri, on SF-1244 says, "Crap, give me a sec."
<Imperial> Tarri has disconnected.
      Falcon Six dodges and jinks futilely from its pursuer, one dogged enemy TIE Interceptor bringing down the A-Wing's shielding. Evir pulls his throttle all the way back, braking to a stop with the trademark maneuverability of his ship, waits for the TIE to overshoot, and fires a single linked pair of red streaks into the central ball. The fighter continues away on a ballistic arc, no longer under control, and Evir banks away. Unfortunately, that brings him into the line of fire of Lightning One, and the two shots the Interceptor gets off are quite enough to do heavy damage to Falcon Six. Sparks fly from the cockpit consoles, the comm display goes blank, and a dark burn appears on the cockpit transparisteel as both J-77 engines fail. The fighter begins to fall towards Coruscant, auxiliary thrusters pointing it towards one of the opening holes in the planetary shields.

__________________________________________________________________________ / \ | Trans Part. Name X Y Z Range Status Docked? | ============================================================================ | SF-1244 Lightning 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-5277 Ghost 10 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-8242 Falcon 6 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-2952 Falcon 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-4025 Ghost 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-9653 Conqueror 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-3264 Millennium -209 358 -100 939.6 Normal No | | SF-6757 Ghost 9 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-7062 Ghost 11 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-772 Malignant 500 500 500 0.0 Normal No | | P-9645 Coruscant -135 -70 -194 1099.9 Normal No | | CS-9685 NRSD Crusa 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | ============================================================================ \__________________________________________________________________________/

<SPACE> <OOC> Lando, on SF-6757 taps his foot.
<SPACE> There's nothing much Falcon 2 can do. Rooster engages the first enemy, brought into his line of sight, trailing Evir like a drone, and Jack is able to shoot it down about as easily as if it were one... but too much flak was in the air, apparently. Rooster watches helplessly, too late to do anything to prevent it... clicking on his Com, "Tipsy... Falcon 6..." Grunting, Jack spins his ship up in a search for Lightening one, multi-tasking, "This is Falcon 2, I have visual conformation of Falcon 6 dropping into Coruscant's atmosphere..." Jack takes quick note of where she starts falling... it might help them find him later.
<SPACE> The shots slam into the ship which hit him 3 direct hits bast the rear shields to dust the tie is hit with the fouth and explodes into a flare. Ghost 2 pulls up in time to move around and now. Turns to regroup. Creon looks around him as the are blasts and explostions from both sides.

He jumps gaining speed on a fighter who made it through the screen speeding towrds the republic cap ships he rolls into line locks on firing a torpedo on target it blasts the tie into space dust though this damgages his ships front shields even more the drop to 10\% leaving some blackened metal underneath. Returning his attention the the crusader he moves his ship now going back towrds it's defense.(Creon)
<SPACE> A hard left, followed by an extreme drop is enough to draw a tailing TIE into the crossfire of two other fighters, narrowly escaping getting his own ship hit. He reaches up to wipe sweat from his forehead before jumping back into action. He manuvers back into position, coming up behind a TIE that happens to be behind one of his squad-mates. It takes a moment to lock on, but as soon as the targeting computer gives the affirmative beep, he opens fire, loosing a volley against the enemy and pulling up as it explodes to avoid any debris. As Gold joins the battle, Lando gives a sigh of relief. "Good to see you, Gold group. The more the merrier."
<SPACE> As is always the case when large numbers of fighters battle in close quarters, the fighting is fast, chaotic and brutal. Arcs of red and green laser fire seems to fill the sky, a melee of blinding light punctuated by periodic explosions from unfortunate crafts cut by the deadly beams of light. Indeed, while the fighting might only last a matter of minutes, it can easily feel like hours. Still, Ghost squadron certainly gives a good account of itself as it joins in with the A-Wings, punching holes in the ragged defense put up by the outnumbered Imperials. A full score of Interceptors and Scimitar Bombers are left in their wake, though not without casualties of their own and it is less then a full tweleve ship squadron that continues to harry the opposition as they begin to show clear signs of withdrawing.

"Watch the crossfire and keep an eye peeled on your six," Rapier snaps sharply over the comm, keeping an eye out for his younger -- or at least less senior wingmen -- as he rolls away from teh bright green gouts of laser fire that threaten to chip away at his shields. Even with the shields, chances are there will be some scoring there when he gets the chance to return to the Crusader. Ghost 10 darts in amongst the heart of the furball, methodically picking out targets, especially isolated ones that are cut off from support, and leaving them little more then a few bits of shredded metal and hot gasses. Even still, a grimace crosses his face when a stray blast does much the same to his wingman. The Imperials might be in retreat, but it is plain that not all the dying is done. Spinning out of a long dive, Ghost 10 joins in with the surviving members of the squadron, nipping at the retreating fighter's flanks. (Aaden)
<SPACE> <OOC> Moralis, on CS-9685 says, "In space, no one can hear you scream.

Unless you have a radio strapped to your face.

"GET ME A WINGMATE!" In the cockpit of Falcon One, Mora Rodriguez is feeling quite alive. He's taken two TIEs down today, but only one will count toward his score on the killboard. Glancing to port, he notices two TIEs closing quickly on what will be his six if he doesn't move fast. Mora pulls back hard on his stick, travelling at 90 degrees to his foes for a few seconds before looping again, a 180 turn causing him to shoot straight at the TIEs from above. They are quick to compensate, however, and ultimately all three pilots are flying straight into a barrage of enemy fire.

Mora's shots graze one of the TIEs, only doing moderate damage but still crippling it some. Then he passes them. Drek. A TIE and a half on his six. "Falcon Two, this is Falcon Lead. I'm gonna need a little help from-" the little green dot on Mora's sensors indicating Falcon Six starts heading for the planet's atmosphere, distracting the pilot. "my... friends... someone call our buddies down planetside and tell them we got an A-Wing coming in hot and it ain't looking too pretty. And GET ME A WINGMATE!""
<SPACE> <OOC> Moralis, on CS-9685 says, "Okay. IC that."
<SPACE> It didn't take long for the Falcon to take out the last two fighters opposing it. Their shields were no help and Han was a good enough pilot to make up for their maneuverability. Chewbacca unleashed more fire and Han continued to stay steady. Shortly the two other ships were blow to pieces. Han let out a short sigh of relief as Chewie howled in victory. "It aint over yet Chewbacca."
Watching the handiwork of the missile launches, the Captain offers a faint grin. "Drive us right down their heart. Full power to the engines, bring the forward shields up by 50 percent but balance the rear deflectors. Let's take this home, ladies and gentlemen." And with his words, the trio of Gunships will turn back toward the Conquerer. They will sail along her port side though, once they get past her, if they get past. But for now, the screen of Gunships will open fire, concentrating fully on the Conqueror with their missiles and turbo laser batteries, fully intent to do as much damage as possible in that pass. Each ship though, will show the damage of their actions. Little fires blaze here and there along their hulls, the shields flicker with every hit by a turbolaser battery, and not all are stopped or deflected. (Kelidon)
<SPACE> <OOC> NPC_Lauranne, on CS-772 grins!
<SPACE>       "No problem, Calrissian. It's a pleasure to fight alongside you again, sir," Carnor said, smiling, remembering Endor. Carnor was just a kid then. The proton torpedoes from Gold Squadron's Group Two impacted against the Golan as the Group pulled up before getting any closer to the station\; and good thing they did, for the resulting explosion knocked out a few unlucky nearby ships. Unfortunately, however, two X-wings in Group 2 were destroyed in the run on the Golan\; both happened to be good friends of Carnor. Another three were shot down in Group 1, in the intense dog fight that ensued. It was a big lost for Carnor and Gold Squadron, but at least the Golans were going down. "All right, Gold Squadron, good job. Form up on my wing, we're taking out that last Golan. Group 1, Group 2, we're all going in. Clear the way," he said into the radio, the remnants of the squadron gathering in a loose formation as they charged towards the remaining Golan, paving the way by knocking out which ever enemy craft crossed into their sights.
      Once they got into range, they loaded up their torpedoes and prepared to launch\; but it wasn't easy. Incoming fire from the Golan reduced the squadron by another two craft, and a blast impacted against Carnor's shields. Fortunately, it wasn't serious, and the shields held, for now. Shaking his head, he opened fire on the Golan and then pulled up as the rest of the squadron released their payload, following the leader into the climb to get away from the Golan. During the manuever, however, Carnor's wingmate and the Squadron's second-in-command exploded into space debris during an attack by a TIE Interceptor squadron. With his squadron losing men fast, Carnor began to get worried. "Get those fighters," he said, as he destroyed one himself that crossed into his sights. The rest of Gold Squadron complied accordingly, and did it well.
      But now, the battle was beginning to end. The Imperial forces were beginning to withdraw, he noticed, and the battle had clearly been won and was over, at least until Imperial reinforcements arrived, if they ever. The Empire was growing too weak these days, as evident by this battle. Last time he was here things didn't go too well for the Republic. "All right, Gold Squadron, excellent job. Anyway, mop up any stragglers and await further orders from command," Carnor said, a hint of sadness in his voice. When would it end? He was getting tired of writing letters to the family of dead ones. Carnor sighed, turning off his radio. All though there were still enemy craft left in the area, Carnor decided to keep it low for now. They were mostly gone from this area and in full retreat. Nothing much he can do now.
<SPACE> <OOC> Jack, on SF-2952 owws!
      Seeing the Imperial Fleet already starting to pull back, attempting to reform and move away from the Coruscant's grav-well, probably in preparation to abandon the system, at least for now.. various ships from the NR Task Force surge forward, some maybe a little faster than it should have.. MC-40s and Corellian Corvettes were not designed to suffer the brunt of an attack from an ISD.. and now it seems that the enemy's main battleships are suddenly focusing their fire on the smaller NR vessels, no doubt intending to cause mass damage before withdrawing.. so before they could slow down and seek refuge behind a larger RepSD or MC-80 a few are of these escort ships are lost, adding more space-junk to the rapidly increasing debris field..
      On the other hand the NR fighters are somewhat more fortunate, with the TIEs and Scims being recovered by their carriers the X and B-wings are free to prey on the Imp cap-ship, carrying out one bombing run after another, enjoying their relative invulnerably against the ISD's heavy turbolaser batteries.. of course due to the sheer amount of incoming fire some still do get hit but all in all the NR is once again proving why hyperspace capable fighters that can come and go without needing a carrier are superior, and that even the largest ISD needs to worry about a few squadrons of torpedo equipped bombers..
      The Crusader is also in hot-pursuit of the Conqueror, wanting to settle the score once and for all with its old nemesis, bearing down on the retreating I2SD with all guns blazing, burning more and more holes into enemy ship's once pristine hull.. but these Imp beasts are build to withstand a lot of pounding and even with the help from the CorGuns it's unlikely that Conqueror will go down today.. then again, there's always tomorrow.. at least for the victors..
      And with the last of the Golans destroyed by Gold Squadron the Onasis, or what's left of the once proud RepSD is beginning to slowly pull back, their job is done, they cleared a path for the troops ship.. and with most of Coruscant's shields still up there's not much they can do against the planetary guns except suffer more, maybe even critical damage..


<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "NR's done"
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<SPACE> <OOC> Carnor, on SF-7062 says, "Whose pose?"
<SPACE> <OOC> Kelidon, on CS-9685 says, "Impies."
<SPACE> (NPC_Lauranne) Slow perhaps, but with the rebels focusing on the Conqueror, the Malignant is able to reach a safe jumping point even though her few remaining fighters have already returned home for the trip.

__________________________________________________________________________ / \ | Trans Part. Name X Y Z Range Status Docked? | ============================================================================ | SF-1244 Lightning 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-5277 Ghost 10 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-8242 Falcon 6 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-2952 Falcon 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-4025 Ghost 2 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-9653 Conqueror 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-3264 Millennium -209 358 -100 939.6 Normal No | | SF-6757 Ghost 9 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | SF-7062 Ghost 11 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-772 Malignant 500 500 500 0.0 Normal No | | P-9645 Coruscant -135 -70 -194 1099.9 Normal No | | CS-9685 NRSD Crusa 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | ============================================================================ \__________________________________________________________________________/

<Imperial> Naota says, "if you guys want to IC-ly just pull back to the edge of the system or something that's cool, you don't need to jump back to Dreven or something"
<SPACE> <OOC> Carnor, on SF-7062 says, "I think the pilot for Lightning One left"
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<SPACE> <OOC> Jack, on SF-2952 nods and will break off to wingmate MOra then. :)
<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne isn't a fighter..Koro made it clear to me that the Imperial would be a part of this, but not what any details would be.. as I was not supposed to be dealing with it.. I don't KNOW what to do here..

Sta Name Sex Branch Rank Idle
IC NPC_Lauranne (F) Military Navy 1s
IC Cantrell (M) Military IGF 2h 36m 4s

<SPACE> <OOC> NPC_Lauranne, on CS-772 says, "yes, Tarri had to leave. It was on about 3am for him when we Started."
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "did he land?"
<SPACE> <OOC> Carnor, on SF-7062 says, "I don't think so..his ship is still in space"
<OOC> NPC_Lauranne says, "no..I still see his fighter when I type scan"
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<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "fun"
<SPACE> <OOC> Moralis, on CS-9685 says, "Doesn't mean he is."
<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 wonders if there are any more Imperials to pose.
<SPACE> <OOC> Carnor, on SF-7062 says, "Xerxes"
<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "Xerxes"
<SPACE> <OOC> NPC_Lauranne, on CS-772 says, "there should be one"
    &nbap; The Imperial withdrawl seems even more chaotic than their hurried defense tactics, and the Admiral mentally curses all rebels and the demons that spawned them. Being on the command deck affords him no luxury to do so aloud. Sternly, he begins calling out the orders that will minimize any more losses to his command. "Turbolasers to point defense! All shields angled for retreat! Malignant has to intesify aft batteries!" On his tactical display the flag officer notes the approach of the gunships. Making the grim calucations, he barks an order over a tight beam comm, "Strike Cruiser Tormentor, change heading to 110 mark 25 and increase speed."
      The response comes back, uncertain at first, "But, sir?" Then the realization sets in, and the other captain responds grimly. "Yes, sir."
      The pace of the Imperial fleet seems to quicken as if driven by the sheer force of the commander's will. A single strike cruiser seems to deliberately drift from the formation, wheeling to position itself between the Conqueror and the advancing NR CorGuns.

The Apocalypso is also noticeably left behind. Emergency bulkheads having staunched the flow of damage to the rest of the Dreadnaught, it limps along trying to catch up with its retreating forces.


<SPACE> <OOC> Naota, on CS-9685 says, "i can drop off the imp fighter on the conquere after the battle"
<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 hms. Now I'm up?
<SPACE> <OOC> Xerxes, on CS-9653 says, "Imp's done."
<SPACE> In the rapidly smoke-filling environment of Falcon Six's cockpit, Evir works frantically to restore some sort of control to his vessel. He meets with only marginal success--a spark, a shadow of its usual intensity, appears in one of the A-Wing's engines. He siezes the control stick again and wrestles it until his fighter's belly faces downwards, rapidly beginning to glow with heat as it leaves a trail of bright plasma behind it. The fighter continues to descend through the atmosphere, until its trail becomes a mere speck, and then it is gone.
<SPACE> <OOC> Kelidon, on CS-9685 hehsl Bastard!
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<SPACE> <OOC> Evir, on SF-8242 didn't do it, whatever it was. :P
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<SPACE> Jack curses under his breath at the call from Mora. Looking at Lightening 1 once more, he disengages, banking sharply to the right, and lowering his engine output to increase his turn rate, before jacking the throttle up once more to speed to his Squadron Leader's assisstence, "Lead, this is Rooster, I got your six o'clock. Where the hell did you go?!"
<SPACE> <OOC> Han_Solo, on SF-3264 is afk a bit!
<SPACE> As he makes it back regrouping with the rest of ghost squadron. The pilot in the pit turns as they head off the retreat of the imperials. Creons eyes watch as the ships pull back quickl as they can. He fires here and there at the ships which lagging behind taking one more tie before he banks to the side of the crusader moving a little away but on it's wing. Locking on very long range he fires a torpedo at the ships in the last spots of the retreat.(Creon)
<SPACE> Seeing the Imperials begin their retreat, Lando taps the com again. "Good work. Ignore those capital ships and focus on the remaining fighters. They won't stick around without the big guns to back them up." And the dark-skinned gambler does just that. Though instead of giving chase to whatever fighters turn away, he and a small group of X-Wings move to engage a group of TIEs head-on. Gripping the yoke as tight as he can, he flies his X-Wing straight at the oncoming TIEs. The distance closes quickly. The targeting computer beeps and his breath catches as he opens fire, taking out one of the enemy fighters while the other two NR pilots follow suit and do the same. Calrissian couldn't wait for this to be over. A good game of sabacc with a bottle of Corellia's finest wine and a few cigars would definately be in order once he was done with this. If he didn't get shot down first, of course.
<SPACE> "Where I wasn't getting shot at. Where did YOU go?" Mora answers between motions as he switches thrusters and brings his A-Wing about to face the rear of the TIEs he had just attacked. The Imperial fighters are, of course, maneuvering in much the same way. Mora prays silently that his advantage- shields- does him more good that the Imperials' advantage- numbers. Speaking of which, here come two more TIEs to help their buddies out. Great. Mora holds hard on his trigger, little colored bolts of energy streaking through open vaccum and taking out one of the TIEs while missing the other entirely. Meanwhile, small red flashes impact Mora's shield to port, the two newcomers firing and knocking him off course, sheer luck causing his laser fire to impact with the untouched TIE and destroy it. "That's two down, Hall, where are you..."
<SPACE> The retreating Imperial fighters are not in much of a position to return fire though periodically one squadron breaks off from the pack to keep the pursuing New Republic crafts honest. Still, that sort of defense is sporatic and ragged indeed, resulting in few problems for the pursuing fighter crafts. But in short order those swift TIE Interceptors are pulling away, leaving only the A-Wings able to pursue. At that point, the slower X-Wings -- including Ghost Squadron peel away to serve a new function.

"Shields back to double front. Switch back to torpedos. If we can't keep up with their fighters, lets make sure that their Capital ships have something to concern themselves with besides taking potshots at us the whole way out," Rapier says over to the comm to his wingman, joining in the formation of fighters that begin their straffing runs on the Imperial line ships, weaving in and out of the heavy turbolaser fire before getting into position to launch their torpedos, wave after wave streaking towards the engines of the fleeing opposition. (Aaden)
<SPACE> "Okay guys, rest time is over. New orders from the Crusader. Form up on my win and accelerate speed towards sector nine. We're joining the main battle," he said into his radio to his squadron, and then switched frequencies to respond to Calrissian. "Sorry, sir, we're going to assist the Gunships. I'm pretty sure the other squadrons can handle the few remaining TIEs with no problem," he said, and then re-directed his communications to his squadron. "Okay, here's the situation: our old friend the Conqueror is escaping, and we're not allowed to let it go, got it? It's being shielded by a stike cruiser, so, prime your torpedoes and prepare to release all hell on 'em. Group 1, focus on the Strike cruiser. Group 2, we'll fly under that cruiser at full speed and hit the Conqueror from below. Any objections? No? Good, cause here we go," Carnor said as the battle joined. He ducked under an incoming volley of laser blasts and then swirved around a friendly vessel. Group 1 opened fire on the Strike cruiser with their a payload of torpedoes, while Group 2 accelerated at full speed towards the Conqueror from below the behemoth.
      When they were in range, they nosed up to face the belly of the beast and then Carnor was the first to release his torpedo payload on the Conqueror, or what was left of his payload after facing off against the Golans. The rest of Group 2 followed right behind, but three X-wings in Group 2 were shot down by incoming enemy fire. With Group 2's fighting strength diminished, and since they were all out of torpedoes, they were through. "Okay, this will be tough, boys. Disperse and get the hell away from this ship now," he said, hoping Group 2 did enough damage to the Conqueror to knock it out of commission. But it wasn't worth it, considering the lives that were lost attacking her.
      Group 1 fared much better in her assault on the Strike Cruiser. Their torpedoes had all been fired at the strike cruiser, and only time would tell what would happen to the Cruiser after that.
      "Gold Squadron, regroup to the starboard side of the Crusader. We've done enough today."
<SPACE> <OOC> Carnor, on SF-7062 says, "Err, that was me."
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<Imperial> Lieutenant NPC_Lauranne says, "KORO!"
The advancing gunships, clearly intent upon helping get as much blood from the Conqueror as possible, don't notice the intentions of the Strike Cruiser until the last possible moment. The Captain of the Corellian Gunship's more along the lines of it trying to provide cover, rather than an actual physical barricade. "Evasive action!" is the almost simultaneous commands shouted on three Gunships as it dawns on them. The unfortunate cruiser likely won't far too well, as one Gunship manages to fully veer off, but the two others, traveling in their tight formation both impact the ship. One slamming it's port side into the cruiser's engine section, while the other's starboard slams into its bow, launching numerous explosions throughout both gunships. The third, while undamaged, finds itself suddenly off on a different vector, firing off a few pot shots toward the Star Destroyer. But this chase, it is suddenly out of. (Kelidon)
<Imperial> ImpMil CO Korolov says, "How goes it?"
You paged Korolov with 'Xerxes took over from Morrison for our end of this battle..I am posing on the malignant, Tarri was here but had to go.. he was on Lightening 1..I AM logging for you.'
<SPACE> <OOC> Kelidon, on CS-9685 shakes a fist at Xerxes!!
From afar, Korolov snugs. I am exhausted.
Long distance to Korolov: NPC_Lauranne isn't feeling so good about not being of any real use here.. and hearing some of what I was hearing about you again was not pleasant either.. are there Really so many who would blame you and Malus for the lack of willingness to participate of the players in this faction?
You paged Korolov with 'did you get any of the problems on the rig sorted out yet BTW?'
Korolov pages: Yeah. I fly home.
Korolov pages: Tomorrow.
      Pulling back and away from Coruscant and its dangerous planet-side batteries the Onasis manages to raise partial shields and limp toward the NR troopships, clearing the debris fields so it too can return to Calamari for extensive repairs.. as it moves its remaining few escorts and fighter wings slowly peel back as they're ordered to remain and join the main battle that's still raging on between the rest of the NR Task Force and the retreating Imperial Fleet.
      As one of the Strike Crusaders, tagged as the Tormentor, slows down and falls behind, in effect placing itself between the two fleets one of the RepSDs, the Sentinel moves forward the quickly deal with the enemy even as Gold Squadron arrives and offers some much welcomed assist in dealing with the Imperial ship.. the form of a few volleys of proton torpedoes, allowing the RepSDs to simply plow through what's left of the Strike by sacrificing its remaining shields and taking minor structural damage..
      Meanwhile aboard the Crusader it is now obvious that the Conqueror will once again escape its fate, so the Admiral in charge decides to finish off the Dreadnaught instead, giving the order to the entire taskforce, or at least to the nearby ships to concentrate their fire on the Apocalipso.. turning the old Republic era ship into fist sized chunks of glowing metal..

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      The Tormentor has done its job. By inserting itself between the vanguard of NR capital ships and the bulk of the Imperial formation, the Strike's sacrifice is enough to buy its fleet those crucial moments necessary for escape.
      The rest of the Emperor's forces, well most of them, are able to reach a safe distance. Straggling fighters still attempt to beeline for their docking bays as their only chance of a successful escape, but it soon becomes obvious that not all of them will make it. The Admiral stands resolute on his bridge. This day had not gone well for the Empire, and he would no doubt come to regret it personally. The Emperor was not one to forgive any failure. In a harsh tone, the commander orders the jump to lightspeed.
      The bright flashes as the ships enter hyperspace signalling the end of the conflict... for now.


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<Imperial> ImpMil CO Korolov says, "Just stay close to the planet, it will let the navy folks skirmish, we IUCly wouldn't be leaving the system. Coruscant is a huge space zone."
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<SPACE> (NPC_Lauranne) The VSD makes the jump with the rest of the Imperial forces.
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Bridge -- VSD Malignant

You have entered the brain of this massive Imperial Warship. The VSD Subjugator, with all it's power and might, is nothing without this medium sized room. With over 100 consoles located through this room, it can get quite busy. All computers here power a vital, or semi vital system with in the ship, plus their back ups. Olive Grey uniformed officers can be seen quickly moving from station to station, to check on the status of one system or another. There is a pit, where most of the computers are located. Above the pit is a metal catwalk for which the Captain and the Executive Officer use to view space and the tactical consoles. In the front of the room is a massive viewing screen, giving the Captain a marvelous view of space around him. There are stormtroopers here, like everywhere on this ship, that serve to protect the bridge from any hostile attempt to capture the ship.

OOC: There are inspectable items in this room. Please use inspect/contents to view them.

-=-=-=-=-=-=<<Virtual Objects>>=-=-=-=-=-=-
=> Holoterm Unit
-=-=-=-=-=-=<<Real Objects>>=-=-=-=-=-=-
=> Nav-Comp
obvious exits:
<A>ft leads to Command Deck Atrium -- VSD Malignant.
<SPACE> More and more of the Imperial ships turn to retreat and Lando takes it as a sign to pull back his attack. The majority of the enemy fighters are turning away to seek the safety of the capships. Those that remain are quickly swarmed upon and disposed of. Lando begins making quick rounds, adding his own fire to what the NR pilots are already spewing forth, to speed up the removal of enemy ships. Each time round brings him closer to the Republic capships. He's ready to get out of this cockpit and have a drink or two.
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<SPACE>       Carnor Ramsus had been fighting the Conqueror for nearly four years now, it seems, ever since it was first constructed and given the name Tormentor. A lot of intense battles, and it was also the home of the former Black Star Squadron. Hell, it was the Tormentor that nearly killed Carnor and utterly wrecked the Crusader at an ambush a year or two ago. But, no matter what he and the Republic did, the Conqueror always escaped, as it was now. Well, one day it will be destroyed. Promise.
      In the mean time, Carnor had to salvage Gold Squadron and reform it. They lost eleven good pilots in the battle, too much. Hell, they might even have to scrap Gold Squadron all together. But, despite these losses, Carnor, for the first time since Endor, finally saw the war coming to an end. He had been fighting the Empire since the formation of the Rebellion, been in a lot of battles, saw a lot of men die. But, finally, with Coruscant back under Republic contrl, things were looking up. "Crusader, this is Captain Ramsus of Gold Squadron. Battle damage assessment for my squadron: eleven pilots down. Too much..." Sighing, he turned the radio off and sat back in his seat, allowing his X-wing to float serenely in space alongside the Crusader.
      He had survived, again. He always does. He could only wonder when his number will come up.
<SPACE> A streak of crimson smacks into Falcon 2's left engine... one of the straglers wanting to get a last shot off... not something Jack took kindly to. With a gout of flame, the engine dims, "Oh... now you leave me..." Jack clicks on his mike again, rerouting his engine capacity, "Hey, you'll have to ask the Queen, but look behind you..." Rooster snaps to his good side, coming around and slapping down the offending TIE quickly with a twin shot of cannon... a very lucky shot, "Welcome back." Jack mumbles to the card.
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<SPACE> As the last few retreating Imperial ships meet their end at the hands of the New Republic fleet, the Ghost Squadron survivors -- ten in total -- wheel away from the scene of the coflict. Powering down engines to a more relaxed speed, the glow of the ion drives fades slightly and the nimble X-Wings are left only with the task of picking their way back through the fields of wreckage between themselves and the Crusader. In scant minutes the ten fighters have joined with the other squadrons slipping into a holding pattern as they wait to be collected by the Republic Star Destroyer. "Good job. Remember, you have time to grab something to eat and clean up before reporting to the post-flight briefing," Rapier cautions the younger members of the squadron before guiding Ghost 10 towards the yawning hanger above. (Aaden)
<SPACE> Though his ship is flying it did take some damage trying to stablize his flight before he lands. Ghost 2 lands on the crusador with a bit of a jolt the pilot Creon hitting his head on the panel opening a wound which had been closed the day prior. He powers down quickly and sits there a few moments before poping the lid on the fighter.
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      With the Imperial fleet now gone the NR Task Force quickly regroups and reorganizes itself, then a few of the faster, smaller cap-ships that are still in good enough shape to fight move off toward the waiting troop carriers and dropship, followed by about 13 of the surviving starfighters as well so they can escort in the actual invasion force, probably all the way to the surface.. through the by now more and more mysteriously appearing large holes Coruscant's planetary shields..
      "All starfighter callsigns, this is General Nandaba, with the exception of the squadrons assigned to escort duty for the dropships everyone is to immediately return to their home ship to rearm and for repairs, the Imps might be gone but they'll be back soon enough, squadron commander report to the Crusader with initial damage and casualty estimates, and I want patrols out in no less than 15 minutes, good job everyone."


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<SPACE> "Roger that, General Nandaba," Carnor replied. He had all ready called in his BDA. Then heswitched frequencies. "All right, got your rest? Good. Form up around the dropships, we're bringing them into Coruscant. It's a good feeling, isn't it? Haven't seen the skies of Coruscant in over a year," he said as he pulled up along the Republic dropships as they began their descent into Coruscant's atmosphere. "This will be rough. Planetery defenses here are top notch." THis would be his third time flying down into Coruscant's atmosphere like this. Such nostalgia. "Also, keep on the look out for a downed A-Wing from Falcon Squadron when we reach ground side. He's reported to have crashed landed somewhere in the area..."
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<SPACE> Having made two full rounds without meeting any hostile ships, Lando turns back toward the Crusader. This over, he was more than glad to be heading back. The first thing he'd do would be get a few drinks. "Good word, everybody. Regroup and head back if everything is clear." That said, he pilots the X-Wing into the hangar and lands. Pushing the hatch open and climbing out as soon as the ship is settled. <SENSORS> SF-6757 has just landed at 200,0,0. (CS-9685) <SENSORS> SF-2952 has just entered the system at 200,0,0. <SENSORS> SF-2952 has just landed at 200,0,0. (CS-9685) <SENSORS> SF-2952 has just entered the system at 200,0,0. <SENSORS> SF-2952 has just landed at 200,0,0. (CS-9685)
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__________________________________________________________________________ / \ | Trans Part. Name X Y Z Range Status Docked? | ============================================================================ | SF-1244 Lightning 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | CS-9653 Conqueror 608 478 608 154.3 Normal No | | SF-3264 Millennium -135 -70 -194 1099.9 Normal No | | SF-7062 Ghost 11 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | | CS-772 Malignant 500 500 500 0.0 Normal No | | P-9645 Coruscant -135 -70 -194 1099.9 Normal No | | CS-9685 NRSD Crusa 200 0 0 768.1 Normal No | ============================================================================ \__________________________________________________________________________/
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