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<EmpireMil> Stone has connected.
<Imperial> Stone has connected.
<Imperial> Annoyance Bot Prototype/2: Stone says, "Yo"

<Imperial> Annoyance Bot Prototype/2: Stone says, "Whats the word on the street?"
<Imperial> Lieutenant Lauranne, like Janos, is currently unconscious and does not know :P

Stone pages: Where are you guys right now?
You paged Stone with 'CDU ship orbiting Mikassa as the wreckage is collected. Receiving medical treatment.'
From afar, Stone told you to crash your ship into an Imperial Planet.
From afar, Stone wants nothing to do with Mahon or his antics.

You paged Stone with 'Because Mahon was giving you a hassle about my use of CDU. His complaint is your need to invade as a part of my TP which was ONLY to let sha and snoot out from their overlong imprisonment.'
Stone pages: I was not using your TP as part of any invasion.
You paged Stone with 'after treatment Janos and I are being dropped at Etti'
Stone pages: To tell you the truth I didn't even want any combat to be part of that TP.

You paged Stone with 'he seems to feel that my TP required the rest of whatever you were talking to him about also be included, and his use of the word clusterF lead me to beleive there would be some form of combat involved. He and I worked around that to ensure Sha and snoot not simply end up trapped on a different imperial planet.'
You paged Stone with 'ack..helps if I finish my thoughts, sorry...He and I worked out that to ensure their freedom I would utilize Mikassa as crash-site'
MAIL: You have a new message (38) from Stone.

[this @mail is a forward of the opening dialogue he sent to Mahon and Tracer --> Subject: Fwd: MEMORANDUM FOR CDU FACTION]

Stone pages: There was one typo that was corrected by page, "The aliens wishing to escape from the TP will not (corrected to 'now') have their chance."
Stone pages: I set up a pretty simple TP sort of like the Cuban missel crissis and Mahon suddenly turns the CDU into a war machine the day prior to my request being accepted.
Stone pages: From the begining he has attempted to bully me out of deploying my fleet to Caspar.

You paged Stone with 'stone -so you are asking to occupy caspar space? Weren't we kicked out for failing to adhere to their sovereignty when those NR fighters jumped in? Why would empire be welcomed back when our NEXT action was to state unequivocally(sp?) that we own them now without regards to their think we should go, but not expect to be welcomed - which means either fight or get 'met' at outer edges of the mined areas...and attempt negotiations (even if meant only as false promises on our end - we are the Empire after all). The thing is I look at this @mail and it reads as if we get to orbit Caspar, and I was CDU during the PREVIOUS imperial occupation... I don't see it happening in a way to gain orbit then 'sort things out' ...on CDU side response have been formulated over 6-7 years and then implimented when Empire tried to behave as if in Imp space on sight of NRites. Why would they back off as if nothing happened now?'

Stone pages: Its funny that this information is secret and not aviable to anyone but the day prior to my request being prossesed. To be able to generate the ideas he posted takes a while to happen. It takes longer then it does to write it on a post. Half the stuff he is stated being setup and done with would take longer then the Imperial NR shoot out that happened 2 or 3 weeks back. We would have seen this stuff being setup before we entered the system. Which meens they would have had to anticipate us going to war which was only being planned on the OOC level at that point.

You paged Stone with 'and those ideas have been being developed over a series of YEARS ( I think that qualifies as having has more than merely a 'while' spent on them ;)) and yes, after the fiasco of Valak's 'occupation' CDU has been working to not letting it happen again...not matter WHO the next would be assailants were. I KNOW, Kart is a part of that mindset! she still ICly resents being forced to kill and does not want to experience it again...and OOCly I remember other things I don't want to experience again too.'
Korolov pages: Whats up?

Stone pages: I have no problem with the CDU being prepaired after the first war. Understand that the CDU is small in the Galaxy. Even the webpage under faction states the CDU is "by no way a super power in the galaxy". The econmy of the CDU stands no chance against the might of the Empire no matter how long it had to prepair. Its just messed up to state that all this stuff happened years ago and just the day eve of our deployment it all suddenly appears on the grid or at least its the first time its ever mentioned.
Korolov pages: About what?

<OOC> Webb hopes we haven't put Lauranne in too much of a tight spot.
Stone pages: Should I just make a post saying that we have 1000 I2SDs deploying to his the system? Because the Empire has them. We just took one out of each fleet in the Galaxy. We also have been building a deathstar for the past several years and what do you know? Its ready right before our war with the CDU. I've also inserted sleeper agents of the past 6 months to prepairs for this. They have gathered all intel required to blow up all of your planitary defences. Have fun during the battle CDU.
Stone pages: Because what I just said up there he pretty much what he has thrown at me. Its a fact of powerposeing and powerposting his forces to fit everything in his favor. He pulled the same BS with me during our Ezkhil chase.

<OOC> Lauranne did that all by herself ;) I made the choice knowing this might/probably would happen ;) I'll deal. Just cannot begin to guess the outcome yet, but I made this choice knowing I was asked away from this course in the first place for a reason. That there is so much to the reason and how it affects me I am still learning, but I knew SOMETHING would happen.
<OOC> Sha'dria nods soberly and hugs the Cook/Manager/Jill-Of-All-Trades.
Stone pages: The fact that they knew those Commandos were Imperial is BS too. There was no proof that they were even during the investigation when I was there OOCly to answer questions on the scene.

You paged Korolov with 'that when I was talking about my escape TP for sha and snoot with Mahon he'd had not issues with what I was looking to do, it was 'accompanying' things Mahon had issue with so I moved crash location to Mikassa from Imp planet. Like I said though, I'll be getting a log of this to you. Stone is waiting for replies from me right now.'

From afar, Sha'dria read that remark by Stone on the end of your log. "I sincerely /hope/ he was kidding that he's been trying to get you to walk the plank for so long..." >_<;

You paged Stone with 'isn't it only a portion fo Imperial forces being sent in? Why should we expect them to not have sufficient defenses to protect against a mere fraction of the Imperial war machine...? my understanding is that if the NR were not being a nuisance to the empire, sure the CDU would eventually fall before our might, but with the empire unable to commit anything resembling full forces, why should CDU still be 'weak lambs waiting to be slaughtered'? Bearing in mind this is only my understanding and my point of view. I will not claim to be completely accurate, but what I see is each of you and Mahon hearing demands from the other. and if that @mail you forwarded is the only info you gave Mahon, how can he agree to 'cuban missile crisis' situation when all he sees is armed occupation...'

Long distance to Stone: Lauranne thinks mahon is stressing things because he feels you are just trying to abuse the CDU faction for your own gain...and I agree with him that such a situation would be very Not Cool for every CDU character on the grid and therefore not worth being a part of. perhaps 'powerposing' is a tactic to get the Empire as a whole to back off and stop forcing a situation that reads as infringing on the CDU players?

Long distance to Stone: Lauranne doesn't know what you are talking about the Exkhil chase...I thought the exkhil thing was being postponed to a later time because you need to get other things done first? *looks confused*
Stone pages: The Empire is a huge war machine. Our entire military is not currently in armed conflict with the NR no matter how much Mahon wants to believe it. If I took one war ship out of every fleet that would be enough to destroy the CDU. The CDU isn't that large and cant produce that many ships on its econmy. Even if it deployed all its ships to only protect Caspar. You need to think poportional (Sp?). How many ships can the CDU econmy really support? Anyways enough of that point. As far as me trying to take over the CDU, I have no intrest in the CDU besides maybe sparking RP. I find large scale battles annoying as they drag on for far to long with little RP. So my intention isn't invasion. Cont...

You paged Stone with 'commandos? Now i am really lost... you are talking about other things right now I hope..'
Stone pages: The Ezkhil chase scene was the best powerposeing I've seen from Mahon. The scene I'm talking about took place about a month ago when we chased Ezkhil and other Jedi from Tatooine. This led to the EMpire blowing up parts of Mos Esiley....
Stone pages: Ezkhil fled to Caspar and we got rumors of it. I sent Tracer a headsup of what we were doing and made up some IC training event for us to be in the CDU system. Our real goal was to deploy 4 IGF SpecOps team into the city to hunt down Ezkhil.....

Stone pages: I saw Webb online and invited him down because there was going to be a shoot out and I figured he wouldn't be there during it but could be there for the after math. Ezkhil, Danik, and myself lay down a pretty fun scene with Ezkhil one step a head of us and getting away. Cant stress how awsome this scene was :)

You paged Sha'dria with 'the walking the plank thing did used to be a joke...I kept it in the log only because I am not sure at THAT moment it was still part of the joke or if he is that made that the joke is over. I still don't know. But stone's got a lot of anger right now and I managed to make myself the main target for a lot of frustration. better me right now though, as continuing to antagonize CDU admin is not going to help ANYONE at all in any way. I'm getting a very interesting dressing down, but so far I can handle it. If it gets too bad I'll ask Koro to mediate for me to slow it down. What stone is on about NEEDs to be said right now.'
Stone pages: I work a plan with Webb on how long till his forces would show up after recieving the first call of shots being fired. I figured 5 minutes would be an awsome responce time. Well by 10 minutes we have pretty much an entire regiment and speeders tracking us over the city.

From afar, Stone likes the idea of a speeder being overhead at just the right time and right place and being able to get its eyes on to the right tgt in a crowded city at 1000+ feet. Ontop of that during a snow storm. "But hey, I wasn't going to bring that all up for the sake of RP. Later his police force destroys all 12 of our high trained SpecOps commandos without so much as a scatch to his force."
You paged Sha'dria with 'the war between the NR and the Empire is at a truce? I didn't realize that..'
You paged Sha'dria with 'I know RP with them has been scarce, so I took it for granted the fighting was going on behind the scenes (and I'd wager that is Mahon's view too - yes I really do mean wager)'
From afar, Sha'dria isn't sure that's entirely accurate, actually. "I know Imperial vessels recently intruded in the Calamari system, but nothing else has come of that. I think Tyler was leading that force, but I'm not sure what happened afterward."

You paged Sha'dria with 'I just missed to you about NR didn't I> sorry...'
You paged Stone with 'the war between the NR and the Empire is at a truce? I didn't realize that..'
You paged Stone with 'I know RP with them has been scarce, so I took it for granted the fighting was going on behind the scenes (and I'd wager that is Mahon's view too - yes I really do mean wager)'
Stone pages: Oh the war is still happening behind scene. But its not like we have every ship in the fleet engaged at war every single day.
From afar, Sha'dria HUGS. "Don't worry about it." :)

Stone pages: Think of it like this. Each Fleet has a tour it spends in space defending a certin system then it returns to a system in the rear for resupply and training. This way your force isn't on the line during the entire war because that would put a large stress on the ship's crew. Well we could easly extend some of these fleet tours and deploy them to battle the CDU. To assume that everyship is deployed forward is a mistake.
Korolov pages: Okie. :)

Long distance to Stone: Lauranne tries to think...a month ago I was dealing with RL I guess as what you are telling me isn't ringing any bells :( I'm trying to remember expected response times on the cdu security whatsit that is now coded onto the rooms... something about so many Rounds though, and one Round = 6 seconds. so wihtin a matter of minutes would be my expectation. and 10 minutes is 600 rounds for actions to occur.

You paged Stone with 'snow storm, eh :) sounds right for caspar weather in early to mid jan. I don't understand a police force taking out special ops though.. I would have to ask him what he was thinking in that, but also the circumstances they were in. Not something I understand really *hugs you*'
Stone pages: I have no problem with initial police units showing up at 5 minutes to the scene. However the time it takes the police to get on scene and determine what forces are needed takes time too. The idea of an airspeeder being able to track my troops was a far out consepct to. Just happens to be one flying over head at just that moment and somehow manages to see what is going on. Its my job in the Military to get a Pilots eyes onto a ground target to blow it up so Iknow how hard it would be for a speeder to do this task. Its not easy, but I still gave him the benifit. I'm not trying to be complicated and I never have. Its just when people know what...fuck it. I'm tired of waisting my breath on about this ass.

Long distance to Sha'dria: Lauranne NPCed in two separate scenes where NR had said they would be a part of it, then never showed (save Ta who then NPCed inteh 'backup TP' each time) during the past 4-6 weeks..i'd need to check my logs to be sure they were that close together.
You paged Stone with 'but you make it sound like NR only has tiny forces... and that because Imperials have the forward forces there are not any home defenses?? How can the war with NR even Matter if empire has so much military might that the NR is but a mosquito?'
Stone pages: Where do I state that the NR is small?

Long distance to Korolov: Lauranne curls up in your arms and really doesn't know what to think right now. I seem to have managed to get myself right smack between two stubborn rams butting heads, one insists the other has negligible defenses while having overpowering might themselves, while the other says the firsts overpowering might isn't all the first thinks it is and that theirs isn't nearly so neglible either. and it doesn't matter which name you put to first as both these men are fitting each half of the statement! oy..the things i get myself INTO sometimes. But I did manage to get into this all by myself ;)
Stone pages: The way war is conducted is that units will deploy for X amount of time. Which then another unit will replace them. Letting teh 1st unit resupply, training up, and recieve new recruits. It also gives the crew a chance away from combat to take R&R and stuff like that. The NR would do the same.
Stone pages: If you push a unit to hard it'll break. Moral will drop, supplies will run out, and if its a ground units your numbers will drop do to lack of replacements.

Stone pages: To assume battles the size of RTOJ happen daily or even weekly is absured. There is no way either force could handle that many looses that quickly and still be able to fight.

You paged Stone with 'yes, assessing a situation takes time, but it might only be a matter of moments if there is a 'script' to what you do when (I'm thinking of those blasted sheets telemarketing firms give to employees with instruction 'this is how it is done', as sometihgn along those lines could be adapted to other uses). what Mahon did or didn't do then isn't the real issue right now either. the issue is the decision I made knowing you would be displeased with me.'

You paged Stone with 'you are implying they are small by your implication that only 1/2 the Empires forces are ever deployed at a time and that the forward 'fighters' are the only ones actively involved in the war at any time. that is my take on what you said at any rate.'
You paged Stone with 'good point taht, so many of us are here to relive the movies that we (myself included) envision exactly those kinds of battles as the norm.'

Stone pages: I was waiting feedback fromt he script I sent up to see what other sort of RP we could generate with this. Instead I recieve a full battle defence plan saying "Screw you Stone. The Empire cant stop Caspar no matter what you do!" Taking over Caspar never was a goal of mine so why this conversation keeps going that direction is beyond me. The reason I'm leaving is the fact that Mahon generates scenes, poses, posts, and @mail always favoring his forces. I understand needing to take a blackeye in order to keep RP going. However with him there is a lack of comprimise in any situation that does not favor him. When I took this position I told Tyler It doesn't not bother me to loose battles or even turn heros out of the enemy to generate RP. I know the Empire is the bad guys and we loose in the end. However everyone I've ever approached with this has been really cool about it except Mahon. He /has/ to win. The idea of any loss to his forces is unimaginable because the CDU forces are elite I guess?
Stone pages: When I start a TP. I usually ask the other side what sort of RP they are looking for then tell them what I can offer them. Then give them a loose script on how we both can benifit from the RP.
You paged Stone with 'who did you send the script to for feedback?'

Stone pages: This request I only loosely covered what RP we could offer. ICly the TaskForce would investigate a system it just annexed to ensure policy was being inforced. To think the Empire would annex a system that it didn't have the resources to fight would be retarded.
Stone pages: If you dont think of me as a flexable person ask Ezkhil and get it from him first hand.

Stone pages: He is a neutral party that I have ran two scenes with before.

You paged Stone with 'is the script the @mail you forwarded me? Because that reads to me as an offer of 'this is what we intend, you can deal with reactions after we've done it'...and if that were handed to me as an 'opening of dialogue' I'd have my back up too. and if he IS twinky (though I think paranoid might be a term to consider here), then his back is more than a little up and defensively is the only way I can imagine him reading anything further on the issue :( with intent to prevent .. railroaded is the feeling I am getting from each of you. You're both approaching this from a defensive 'he wants more than I can live with' attitude and all I see are people getting hurt. and that is all I really see for the near future of this as well. I need to talk to koro now. If you can think of anything else that you feel might help me to understand, go ahead and @mail me *hugs* but I'm just left confused, helpless and other things I just don't have words for.'

McKenna pages: Why again did you decide to crash your ship on Caspar again? Because I remember only granting you permission to do it on an Imperial Planet.

From afar, McKenna is stone, "Sorry about the mispage."

Stone pages: The reason I ask is that you need to beaware that I have a larger picture of how things are going for the faction and plot weeving. If you just run things how you want it creates ripples for other players.
Stone pages: For one example, I now have to deal with Mahon about your characters. I need to ensure that he doesn't powerpose gathering any information that he shouldn't have. I need to also ensure that you guys return to our system.

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<Imperial> Annoyance Bot Prototype/2: Stone isoutta here.
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<OOC> Webb says, "Caspian Democratic Union, to be proper. The CDU and the Empire were never really allies actually, as the CDU was strictly neutral with regards to the conflict between the Empire and the NR."
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<OOC> Webb says, "Right now thinks are kind of going downhill as the Empire has declared annexation of the CDU, and the CDU has other ideas."
<OOC> Webb says, "But there's been no formal declaration of war either, that I'm aware of."
<OOC> Sha'dria eeps! "Yeah... saying, 'You're mind, slave!' is one of the better ways to wreck a relationship..." :P
<OOC> Webb says, "Well, it depends upon the relationship."
<OOC> Sha'dria acks... "'You're /mine/,' actually. Force, I can't type tonight..."
<OOC> Webb says, "Crap. I've been listening to Kizuka too much. Where is that mental floss?"